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Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

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Get that chill effect right down

Take a good look at these stainless steel ice cubes designed for your home bar that will rescue your taste buds from the horrors of diluted drinks! Because really, friends don’t let friends drink cocktails that have been watered down by melting ice.

Non-toxic gel is safely sealed inside of each steel cube to give it drink-cooling power that other reusable ice cubes can only dream about.

Keep them chilling in your freezer until you’re ready to pour yourself a drop of liquid relaxation, then just pop them in your glass and enjoy the best cocktail you’ve ever had!


  • Set of 4 food safe, stainless steel blocks
  • Special freezing tray is designed to allow easy transfer of the cubes from the freezer to glass without having to touch them
  • Cube Size: 1” Squared



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