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H2O Sports Bottle With Fruit Infuser

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Instant DIY fruit-based refreshment

Everyone knows the health benefits of regularly sipping water throughout the day, right? But let's face it, sometimes plain old H2O can be a little dull.

Now you can zap a little life back into your liquids intake with these stylish sports bottles from our fitness collection.

Feel like a hint of citrus would raise your game? No problem. Twist the end of a lime or a lemon onto the bulb in the lower section of the bottle, fill with over half a liter of ice-cold water, and knock that thirst right out of the park!

Comes in a variety of colors. Please allow up to 25 days for delivery.


  • Available colors: White, Black, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Top strap to make carrying easier
  • Size (L*W): 24.4cm*5.6cm*7cm      
  • Capacity: 650ml



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