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Lion Mane Wig for Large Dogs

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Time to trade that bark in for a roar!

Just one look and you'll swear your lovable lab has turned into a ferocious King of the Serengeti.

Our best-selling Lion Mane for Large Dogs is the most realistic & comfortable lion disguise for any classy canine companion. Watch how he basks in the glow of the other dogs' respect when strutting down the street, looking more like a grown-up Simba than his usual Fido.

Makes a perfect complement to most doggy costumes, whether it's for Halloween, dog shows, local carnivals, or pet parties. With this dog-to-lion instant

transformation wig, your pet pooch is set to be the eye-catcher of the event.


  • Headgear 34 - 36cm wide.
  • Fits dogs with a head circumference of 74cm.
  • Net Weight: 120g



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